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"a complete foundation

Our 2-year-old program begins with extensive ground work. Horses need to become good citizens before they can become performance horses. We strive for a complete foundation to set each horse up for lifelong success. Much like a child learning how to behave in society, a 2 yr old must learn respect and boundaries - without fear. We spend as much of the 2-year-old year developing a sound mentality in our horses as we do physical performance. We want our horses to crave the learning process and want to come to work every day. We don't believe in skipping any steps. The 2-year-old year should leave a horse with a solid understanding of yielding to pressure, giving to the rider's hands and legs, and taking direction without resistance. 



a horse must be confident and broke before it competes

The 3-year-old year is perhaps the most exciting time of training. We transition from the smooth snaffle to the bridle at the end of the 2-year-old year/ beginning of the 3-year-old year. We keep in mind that we will be showing these horses one handed in the fall, so everything we do must prepare them for this. Each horse is an individual and, while we go forth with our program, we keep in mind that different horses may need different approaches to training. This is the time that we are able to hone in on the maneuvers and bring out the best in each athlete. Having said that, horses learn at different paces and peak at different times. Our goal for our 3-year-olds is to compete in the fall futurities and the NRHA Futurity; however, some horses don't fit this timeline and may need more time before they are ready to show. We make a plan of when and where each horse should begin showing based on their physical ability, soundness, and mentality. We believe that a horse should be broke, confident, and fully understand what is expected of them before being introduced to competition. 

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By this time, our horses understand their job and are confident in the maneuvers. As they become seasoned show horses, we may fine tune some things, maintain what is already there, keep their minds fresh, and keep them sound and healthy. We make a show plan for each horse tailored to their level, their tendencies, and the nature of the competition we will be attending. We base our show calendar around attending the major NRHA events, schooling shows in between, and other large competitions that suit our horses and our non pros. We work year round to prepare our show horses for upcoming events. We try to ensure that they will be at peak performance during competition while allowing them to lower the intensity between shows so they stay sound and happy. 


An approach designed around you

Our coaching relationships always begin with a candid conversation about goals. We cater to a range of riders, from those just beginning their journey in the sport of reining to riders looking to compete at the highest level. Like horses, each rider is an individual and may require a slightly different coaching style and approach. It's important that we know how you learn best so that we can offer the best instruction. From lessons at home to guidance at horse shows, the aim is to develop and execute a plan for you that will help you reach your goals.  

Matching riders with the right partner is an important part of a successful program. Whether you are searching for your first reining horse or are looking to move up, we are more than happy to help you find the perfect fit.   




A well-presented horse is always more appealing to a buyer. We pride ourselves in how we present our horses. Horses that are fit, healthy, clean, clipped, with proper shoeing and proper mane and tail care stand out in the marketplace. We have professional photographs taken of our horses and focus on taking good videos that accurately represent the horse. We utilize social media and the marketing app EquineTrader to market our sale horses. Through our Facebook page, Instagram, and Website we are able to get a horse in front of a very large audience. We promote our sale horses and horses in training frequently so that our audience looks for them and looks to us for content. 

We price our horses based on the seller's situation and goals, while taking into consideration all aspects of the horse itself and market trends. It is important to us that our buyers and sellers trust us to do the right thing. 



It is perhaps the most imperative part of our program that our horses are sound, happy, and healthy. Presentation is everything. Our horses are bathed,  braided, and their tails cleaned/conditioned and put up once each week. 

Each horse is cared for as a matter of general practice, such as icing legs after a workout, and according to individual needs.  We work very closely with our vets and chiropractor to stay on top of soundness and immediately address any issues. 

A very large part of our program is promoting and maintaining healthy feet.  'No foot, no horse' is not just a saying!  Jack works hard to ensure that all of our horses are balanced and traveling the way they should.  Level, balanced feet lead to level joint spacing, proper weight distribution on the limb, and lowers the likelihood of soft tissue injuries. We are confident in and proud of Jack's shoeing program!

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